…the AAT is in effect, sentencing Australians to be victims of further crimes. The AAT is a serial offender. According to the AIC[2]: “At 36 months after release, the estimated reoffending rate for the unsupervised group (70.3%) is still significantly higher than the reoffending rate for the supervised group (65.7%)”. In 2017, one criminal reoffended while… Read More

Today:“At a daily news briefing, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said China sought “peaceful reunification” and urged Australia to “fully understand the high sensitivity of the Taiwan issue”[1]. But 2 weeks ago, a ‘Record number’ of China jets entered Taiwan’s air zone:The [Taiwan] defence ministry said 25 [PRC] aircraft including fighters and nuclear-capable bombers entered… Read More

Lidia Thorpe, a divisive Victorian Greens Senator, wrote on ANZAC day[1]: “My great grandfather Harry Thorpe, was awarded a military medal for leading his men in WW1, he was killed fighting for a country that didn’t recognise him”. But his country did recognise him – he was promoted to Corporal and awarded the Military medal.… Read More

A landmark court case in Portugal ruled that the PCR test used worldwide to diagnose COVID-19 was not fit for purpose. Most importantly, the judges ruled that a single positive PCR test cannot be used as an effective diagnosis of infection[1]. “In their ruling, [the] judges referred to several scientific studies. Most notably a study… Read More

Hundreds of Taxpayer-Funded US Scientists Likely Compromised by China: NIH “The National Institute of Health has revealed that more than 500 U.S. federally funded scientists have been flagged over their financial ties with China and other foreign adversaries” Source: The Epoch Times… Read More

“2014 amendments to Australian visa laws meant that without citizenship, anyone who’d received a prison sentence of 12 months would be deported, even if they’d lived in Australia most of their lives”. “Since the Australian laws changed in 2014, an estimated 2,300 Kiwis have been deported”. The SBS decided to report the case of one… Read More

On 14 January, Facebook “fact checked” a meme shared on Facebook which quoted Kamala Harris as saying: “Protesters should not let up”, claiming it was false[1]. The original post from ‘The Great America Movement’ claimed that “Democrats have been stoking public unrest and violence for years!”[2]. We investigated and found that Kamal Harris did in… Read More