Naoto Ueyama, head of the Japan Doctors Union warned that holding the Olympic Games in Tokyo, with tens of thousands of people from around the world, could lead to the emergence of an ‘Olympic’ strain of the coronavirus. ‘All of the different mutant strains of the virus which exist in different places will be concentrated and… Read More

On 26 May 2021, Channel News Asia reported[1]: “Australia’s Victoria state sees biggest one-day rise in COVID-19 cases in 7 months” We were curious because they left out the actual number of cases. On May 26, @VicGovDH reported[2]: “Reported yesterday: 10 new local cases and no new cases acquired overseas”.   And SBS reported[3]: “Mr… Read More

“Ford’s first all-electric truck is expected to have a targeted range between 230 and 300 miles depending on the version the customer chooses. Ford said the truck could haul up to 10,000 pounds”. But last week… “Ford failed to release data on how hauling or towing would affect range” “Designing an EV to tow is… Read More

According to PV-Magazine, Vincent Dwyer, identified as ‘Energy Estate  Principal'[1]: “We looked at the pinch points in the transition. Given that we need to decarbonise heavy industry, transport and the chemical sector, we need massive investment in the transmission system, which has been a real headache for people”. Comment: But we don’t need to ‘decarbonise’… Read More

“Twitter suspended a Spanish politician’s account last week after he tweeted ‘a man cannot get pregnant’ because ‘they have no uterus or eggs’” – SkyNews[1] So we checked with an authoritative source: WebMD[2] “Women feel labor coming in different ways. … Are You Having Contractions? Your uterus tightens and relaxes as it gets ready to… Read More

In this satire on Communism as it developed under Joseph Stalin, the animals of Manor Farm overthrow their human masters and rename the property Animal Farm. They adopt the Seven Commandments of Animalism, the most important of which is: All animals are equal. However, the animals are betrayed by their leaders, the pigs, and their revolutionary commandments are rewritten and… Read More

According to the ABC, Public Health England says that[1]: “One AstraZeneca vaccine dose gives 80 per cent lower COVID death risk” But “rollout data” wasn’t good enough for HCQ: In May last year, the WHO’s Chief Scientist, Soumya Swaminathan said[2]: “We know that the evidence from observational studies, however large they may be, is still… Read More

Getup! claimed that[1]: “Cooking with a gas stove can have a similar impact on childhood asthma as living with a smoker” The report originates from the Climate Council, which claimed[2] that: “Cooking with gas is estimated to be responsible for up to 12% of the burden of childhood asthma in Australia. A child living with… Read More

How does a Middle Power like Australia defend itself from attack by a superpower? Kosta Tsipis wrote in ‘The Future of the Sea-based deterrent’ in 1974[1]: “No sector of a superpower’s defense system is quite so invulnerable against a preemptive attack as its fleet of highly mobile, deep-diving, long-ranging missile-bearing submarines”. Middle powers can have… Read More