According to PV-Magazine, Vincent Dwyer, identified as ‘Energy Estate  Principal'[1]:

“We looked at the pinch points in the transition. Given that we need to decarbonise heavy industry, transport and the chemical sector, we need massive investment in the transmission system, which has been a real headache for people”.


  1. But we don’t need to ‘decarbonise’ heavy industry, transport and the chemical sector. Australia’s CO2 emissions are negligible and can be entirely offset by creating a forestry sector, which doesn’t require massive investment.
  2. But we can merely expand existing coal or gas-fired electricity generation using existing distribution lines for no additional cost
  3. But transport require yet further investment in distribution to replace  diesel tankers, pipelines, tanks and pumps with hydrogen tankers, pipelines, tanks and pumps. And redesign of diesel vehicles and complete turnover of the national fleet.
  4. But isn’t another group of lobbyists seeking government subsidies for an EV distribution network.

Who or what is ‘Energy Estate’?

From Energy Estate’s About page[2]:

“We are an advisory firm and business accelerator, focused on driving the transformation of the global energy sector. We help our clients to refine, optimise and fast-track every aspect of their energy projects”.

Right. Got it. Lobbyists.


  1. “$2 billion blueprint to run a green hydrogen river through the Hunter Valley”:
  2. About Energy Estate:

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