Naoto Ueyama, head of the Japan Doctors Union warned that holding the Olympic Games in Tokyo, with tens of thousands of people from around the world, could lead to the emergence of an ‘Olympic’ strain of the coronavirus.

‘All of the different mutant strains of the virus which exist in different places will be concentrated and gathering here in Tokyo. We cannot deny the possibility of even a new strain of the virus potentially emerging’OLY-2020-2021-TOKYO

But Kenji Shibuya, director of the Institute of Population Health at King’s College, London, who has recently been helping the vaccination campaign in Japan, played down dangers specific to the Games:
“Mutation takes place when virus stays in immunocompromised or partially immunized people for a long period of time”

Comment: Ueyama postulated 2 things. Shibuya only refuted the second. It is still entirely possible that a mutation from a specific country could spread to all 200 countries. Holding the games entails a greater risk of spreading a given mutation than not holding the games.


  1. Doctor warns holding Games could lead to ‘Olympic virus’ strain

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